Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If blogging is for sissies, then why am I doing this?

For a very long time, I've ridiculed blogging as a waste of time and "bloggers" as blowhards. But here I sit, "posting on my blog" for the first time.

So, why am I doing this? Why the hypocracy?

Here's what this will be and why:

  1. I love jiu jitsu and submission grappling - it's been the most important thing in life to me for over ten years (excluding family - at least most family). I train always. And, it never gets old. It's true love. Just like in the movies. I'm here to talk about and chronicle the jiu jitsu and grappling life that I live - you may be living a similar life if you love it too. By way of example, I think my next post will be about knee pads. No, I'm not kidding. If you have trained as long as I have, then you know - these bad boys are one of many lifelines to the avid grappler.
  2. I draw and design (see my sweet logo above). DSTRYR will be an artistic avenue too - for me to share my designs with those who stop by. It's a miniature movement, an artistic homage and sort of a tradename devoted to the sport I love. If you enjoy the images, maybe I'll print you a t-shirt in my garage.

Here's what it's not and why:

  1. An MMA blog. MMA is a sport I also love. I religiously follow UFC, DREAM, Sengoku, WEC, Strikeforce, TUF, Affliction, etc. But, there are so many hardcore fans and so many experts, I don't believe I can offer up any more than they. If I do any MMA mentionng, I'll point you to the original source of information on the web.
  2. My life outside of grappling. Why, you ask? Because, seriously, no one cares.

So, now I'm a blogger. I think I can live with that. We'll see what happens.


  1. haha!!! i love it, jiu jitz forever! are a jitz nerd and you have come to terms with it. please put an order for 1 destroyr shirt!!

  2. kitty is charlie!! i dont have a google account

  3. hey, i'm diggin' it and i don't even play jiu jits!! the logo, especially the name, wth ll th aeiou vwls rmvd s fckng gnrly!! it's got a darth vader, star wars sort of look to it. nice...

  4. ...very cool, i need a shirt, doesn't jj hurt...


  5. Is this working? Hmm...test run.

  6. sweet. i am a tad slow. blogging is not 4 sissies...nor is jiu jitsu. the first thing i learned my first class seemingly would be the whimp-est thing 4 a 'tough guy' 2 do..."don't be afraid to tap." this was the first thing that i was taught. 2 this day i believe from white - black belt we 4 get that there is no shame in this. i am currently trying 2 get my druthers from getting my ass i may not be making a lot of sense...however, i am a dancer...a regal and a tiny dance...


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