Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"So, I Married Jiu Jitsu" (or "Just Showing Up is the Hardest Part").

I never think of my religious jiu jitsu training as being odd or obsessive or unusual. But, recently I've come to realize that it can be seen in a different light. The truth is, it effects pretty much every aspect of my daily life and has been for more than 10 years (e.g., what I eat, what I weigh, when I sleep and how much, whether I can have a beer [or 2 or 3] or not). And most certainly it permeates my thoughts. So, yeah. It's odd. It's an obsession. It's weird.

And it certainly isn't easy. We go way out of our way to do this and we endure a lot too. My group of teammates and I, for a long time now, have been training early weekday mornings (in addition to training nights and weekends). No instruction, just about an hour of 5 minute rounds of free training (or sparring) with short breaks in between. Usually, I wake up with the same pains that harassed me the night before. And, no amount of stretching will make them go away. Some are new, but many have been with me for a long time - like old friends. Once we start rolling, the pains go away. They will back later though, and probably with new pain friends.Coffee seems to help in the whole process.

We're not professional athletes either. We're not kids with bright futures in mma. I suppose I could open a jiu jitsu academy somewhere, but that really isn't my thing.

So, what makes it worth it? That is a good question to tackle another day. For now, I will say that it's like I fell in love with jiu jitsu and married her ten years ago. Sometimes things get difficult, because jiu jitsu can be a real bitch. But, deep down I know I'll never leave her (jiu jitsu, that is).

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