Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Importance of Being OWNED*.

Ahh, jiu jitsu. She's a funny mistress.

Sometimes you're riding high, handing out beatdowns as if you were the King of Beatdowns (not a real title, but it should be). The submissions seem to just show up out of nowhere, leading you toward that special place - the place where you can bend people's joints and/or strangle or choke them in to submission. I like this place. I think we all do.

Other times you're right at the status quo - maintaining your skills, but not making huge strides. It's as though jiu jitsu is a giant golf course, and you continuously score par. Submissions seem to evade you, you play it safe more often (too often), and it all feels like a struggle. Your guard is passed by someone who has no business passing; you don't seem to be able to maintain side control or mount the way you know you can. It's a phase and it passes. You hope.

Yours truly getting OWNED many years ago by teammate, Chris Lisciandro.

Even worse, sometimes you just get OWNED. Maybe your cardio lacks or you're weak or tired or you just don't have it that day. But it happens. And, sometimes in glorious fashion. Worst case scenario: you receive a top notch beatdown (accompanied by an ego shattering submission) by someone you feel you can beat (or at least stalemate). Conventional jiu jitsu wisdom says it's a good thing. Your coach tells you it's OK to tap to your teammates. You learn from it - and, it's all about learning right?

I had one of those nights just last night and my elbow is still learning to accept it. But, alas, that is jiu jitsu.

And, we love jiu jitsu.

* I read "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde in the 9th grade. It has nothing to do with the subject matter of this post - but, it sounded cool.

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  1. I get ownded quite frequently...I think it is like a wierd spin off art of Jiu-Jitsu...I am going 2 go 2 a small cave and meditate drink Absinthe and talk 2 the wall...see if a. I can come up with new cool cave paintings. b. figure out how to quit getting tooled by all the big guys a street sports. I personally feel that anyone over 5'8 has no business being taught Jiu-Jitsu...except 4 me...see U on the mats U panty waistsss


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