Friday, October 2, 2009

"There is No Tomorrow": Bouncing Back After Jiu Jitsu Losses

Like you, I gain most of my wisdom from Rocky 3 references. The above scene is one of my very favorites because it gets to the heart of the athlete's spirit.

Like boxing (and MMA and wrestling for that matter), jiu jitsu competition places the athlete in a position to either win or lose. And, unlike other individual sports like tennis and golf, losses often result in physical pain and anguish (and injury).

Jiu jjitsu is a rough sport and we've already talked about how good it is for the soul and your motivation to be OWNED from time to time. That's the nature of things in the wonderful world of submission grappling.

But this scene from Rocky 3 speaks to a different issue. It's speaks to the athlete's (or, really any man or woman's) level determination and willingness to keep going when he or she wants to quit. I recently supported some teammates who competed at the US Nationals - not all of them won and several had some tough losses. I've been there too. I also know a lot of grapplers of all levels who decide at some point to quit the sport - many times out of frustration.

In the end, all of us grapplers, just like Rocky, get beat and sometimes often. Rely on the Apollos (and even clubber Langs) in your life to knock some sense in you and keep you going.

And like like Apollo says: "There is no tomorrow." So, get out on that mat now and keep training. While your at it, grab the world by the collar, and choke the shit out of it.*

*Apologies for the profanity. Emphasis was needed. And, you can handle it.


  1. Nice! There is no defeat when U try...go 4 it! When in doubt look around and draw motivation/inspiration from others! go team go

  2. Perfect, I remember this movie as a kid AND this scene!!! Right on point!


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