Monday, December 7, 2009

More DSTRYRsg Representation! Thanks, Grapplers!

Congratulations to my old training buddy and Street Sports original, Toby Noblin, on an enormous milestone - achieving his black belt. Toby and I trained together starting in 2000 (he started at Streat Sports in 1998, while I was training elsewhere) and he's one of my very favorite training partners and friends in the sport.

Toby moved out of the Westside Los Angeles area and has been training at Paragon BJJ for the past several years (with a stint here and there at Streets Sports).

Here's to you Toby! Great job, brother! Can't thank you enough for representing DSTRYRsg on your big day.

Toby Noblin, flanked by teammates, Jeff Glover (left) and Bill Cooper (right)

From left, Toby Noblin , Franjinha (Paragon BJJ owner and coach) and
Josh Noblin (Toby's brother and also a newly promoted black belt.

More Thanks!

Many thanks to grapplers, Georgette and Rafael, below, for taking the time to shoot some great pics in their DSTRYRsg tees. It's greatly appreciated!

Georgette. Nice armbar!

Rafael of BJJC, Sherman Oaks, CA.

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