Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday, it was announced that Roger Gracie will be reemerging in MMA to fight in the upcoming May 15, 2010 Strikeforce event. Looks like he'll likely be set up to fight "gatekeeper"Kevin Randleman. Not a huge match-up, but a good place to start for Roger, who is undefeated in MMA (although he's only fought twice, and the last fight was almost 2 years ago). I, for one, am psyched.

Roger's legend as one of the best grappling competitors of all time is secure. If you haven't seen any of his landmark matches, here are a few:

ROGER def. XANDE, ADCC 2005 (their 3rd time meeting in ADCC):

ROGER def.. JACARÉ, ADCC 2005:

ROGER def.. WERDUM, ADCC 2005 (part 3/3):

And, we can't forget the controversial classic 2004 Mundial final versus Jacaré (part 1 and part 2).

Freak'in Roger! I'd forgotten how great he is.


  1. By the way, grapplers: Based on the results of the poll that resides on the left column, it appears you favor Marcelo by a hair as the best in the world. I'm a little torn between the 2 myself.

  2. He is gonna beat up Randleman pretty bad I think. Randleman looks weak at pretty much everything these days--even wrestling shockingly.

  3. 1) Roger vs Randleman isn't even close to fair. It's like having a 5 year old afraid of the water racing Michael Phelps.

    2) I haven't responded to the poll to protest the lack of Rafael Mendes.

  4. Can't wait to see this.

  5. doko:

    (1) True. Roger should win this fight handily - it's just great to see him out there in the MMA world again.

    (2) Good point re Mendes. He (and his brother too) is badass for sure, but he needs to show me more than 1 or 2 years of great stuff to get on this poll of most elite grappelrs!


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