Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If you train jiu jitz - gi or no gi, you probably wear some form of rash guard or Lycra/spandex-type shirt. And, if you train with me, I'm advising you to do so, because I'm not trying to hang out with your hairy chest when we roll!

Years ago, grapplers wore actual surfing rash guards, which, for Los Angeles weather, are horribly uncomfortable to wear under a gi. Later, Under Armour (and it's competitors in the "wicking" sports-shirt genre) became the shirt of choice for both gi and no-gi training.

Now, there are many, many grappling-specific products out there from which to choose. Which brings me to my review of RUPTURE CLOTHING'S SIGNATURE RASH GUARD.

First, I must reveal that I'm not your typical BJJ consumer. I'm more of a cheap-ass, old schooler when it comes to my gear. I keep it for as long as possible - basically until it starts to disintegrate. It's ecological.

My actual Rupture rash guard.

I've recently tried to upgrade my gear on an item-by-item basis, and I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to test drive Rupture's rash guard. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell:
  • Made in the USA. All politics aside, this still means a lot about the quality and care that goes in to the production of your gear.
  • Quality. Having put this badboy through the paces, I'm 100% thumbs up on its quality - it feels very solid and durable throughout. Further, it washed well - the printed logo shows no signs of degradation or wear after several washes.

  • Comfort. This was my main concern. Having mainly worn UA for the past few years, I was worried it would feel too thick and heavy. I was wrong - it fits well and feels great under my gi. My only note is that, although negligible, the sleeves fit a bit long on me.

  • Design. The design is understated, which is my preference. The stitching looks like it could be slimming though - which may be important to the huskier grappler.

  • Price. At $32.90 for the long sleeve, it very reasonably priced (especially for the quality). And, unless you're Braulio Estima or Andre Galvao, I will definitely mock you if I see you in a $70 Koral rash guard.

  • OVERALL. I like this product. I wear this product. You should too.


  1. Thanks for the kind review.

    We care a lot about the quality of Rupture gear and as fighters and grapplers ourselves we understand the need for quality, affordable gear.

  2. Bwahahaha at "I'm not trying to hang out with your hairy chest when we roll"

  3. Do you sell banner space on your blog? Let us know.


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