Monday, April 19, 2010


Strikeforce held an event this past weekend in Nashville that was televised live on CBS. It was not without some controversy and lots of people are still going on about the good and the bad of it all (especially since Dana White spoke up on the matter).

But let's get to the one issue that matters here at grappling and the lack thereof in the televised fights.

Gergard Mousasi and Dan Henderson Have Fallen and Can't Get Up. I am a big supporter of both of these fighters, but, sadly, both Mousasi and Henderson failed to stop the takedowns of "King" Mo Lawal and Jake Shields, respectively. And, it was takedowns and control from the top that won these fights for Lawal and Shields.

A whole lot of this.

Neither Mousasi nor Henderson is a submission/jiu jitsu figher (although Mousasi has been known to bust out a triangle or armbar now and again). So, we didn't expect them to attempt spider guard sweeps or inverted triangles. But, each needed an answer to the takedown*. Even worse, once down, both Mousasi and Henderson had a rough time getting back up (or completely failed to do it).

More can be said about these fights ... Mousasi's odd open-guard/lying-on-his-side style ... Henderson's non-sprawling take down defense ... Mousasi's excessive up-kicking and back-fisting from the guard. I could go on, but won't.

Shinya Aoki Fails at Takedowns; No Arms Broken. What a frustrating fight to watch - I can only imagine how it felt to be Aoki on Saturday night. Despite a strong effort, he couldn't get this fight to the ground (which is pretty much his entire game). In the end, his face paid the price and no one got to see the reason Strikeforce brought him to the US in the first place -- for his amazingly violent and radical submissions.

And, this ...

Jake Shields Dominates with Strong Mount and Overall Control... AND is Totally BORING. Shields showed us that basic jiu jitsu wins fights, even though it might be excessively boring to watch. He deserves major props though for staying in control for nearly the entire fight (barring the first round).

And more of this.

In my opinion, he played it a little too safe - he only attempted a few submissions and really didn't press the ground 'n pound more than enough to keep the mount. But, he won. Your call.

That's all I got.

* I honestly expected Henderson would have no problem handling Shields' takedown attempts. He's such a badass wrestler and I believed he'd be the stronger fighter. But, for some reason, it was not his night and he got caught with many 'a single leg shot.


  1. I didn't see any of this card--just the melee afterwards, but if Shield's victory was anything like his win over Miller, I would say that's boring jiu jitsu. Anderson Silva submitted Henderson, did Shields even get close?


  2. It was along those lines, Mike. He did what he needed to and decisively won, but he wasn't dyamnic enough to me and didn't take risks.

    Plus, I have to admit I like Henderson (so, I may be biased). Hated to see him struggling under the mount.


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