Monday, May 10, 2010


Man, I just love Sakuraba. To me, he represents a super exciting and now bygone era in MMA history. It was a time when a grappler/catch wrestler could win fights with spectacular submissions. If you're not familiar with his early work in Pride (you should be), then take a moment to watch this well-known highlight video below. Feel the montage ...

It's OK to get emotional. Take your time.

Seriously, though - Sakuraba is a legend. He was known as "The Gracie Hunter" for a reason - he beat up a lot of Gracies (Ryan, Royler, Renzo and Royce) back in the day. And, he did it all wearing a lot of wacky masks and costumes (at least while entering the ring).

Cut to Ralek Gracie versus Sakuraba for the upcoming DREAM 14 on May 29, 2010. We at DSTRYRsg are 100% down with this match-up, despite the fact that (1) Saku is no longer relevant in MMA and he's definitely not in his prime (plus he's nearly 41), and (2) Ralek is a kind of a wild-card. He's a talented grappler, but hasn't competed much in either MMA (2 fights only and none since 2008) or BJJ in recent years (he does have a very odd website, and we applaud him for that).

The bottom line is this - the actual facts surrounding this match-up don't matter. It still carries on the very cool "Gracie Hunter" tradition and we are psyched for it! You should be too.


  1. Sakuraba.
    one of the best ever.

  2. Since I train at a Gracie school, I should be rooting for the Gracie... but I'm sorry, I'm all for Sakuraaaabaaaaaa!

  3. Should be fun, though I'm mainly interested in seeing a Torrance Academy product in action, even if it is against an opponent who is long past his prime.

  4. I'm with you, Georgette.

    Slidy: It should be interesting. Those Torrance Gracie's haven't laid it on the line in a good while. I'm rooting for Saku, although I like Ralek - he's seems like good guy (I competed against him 9 years ago as have many of my teammates over the years) and he's very tough.

    Also, pretty sure Saku is giving up some lbs to Ralek. But, that hasn't stopped him in the past (and doesn't matter too much in Japan).

  5. 3-9 by nicotine choke.


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