Monday, May 17, 2010


We've already mentioned that this past Saturday's Stikeforce "Heavy Artillery" event was only notable to DSTRYRsg because of Jacare's and Roger Gracie's presence on the card. Later, Strikeforce added BJJ legend and MMA veteran, Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro to make it even more stacked with grappling royalty.

Here's what we saw:

ROGER LOOKED GOOD: Randleman, as expected seemed an underwhelming "opponent." And, this was just what Roger needed to progress in the MMA game. He displayed some decent stand up, and even decked Randleman with a knee. In the end, Roger was superior on the ground and finished it in Round 1 with the RNC.

Jacare won by decision. His performance wasn't entirely disappointing, but I think we all expected more from him- particularly on the ground. He created great positions by scoring takedowns, but wasn't able to capitalize on them. It goes to show that MMA is wildly different from BJJ. Also, you have to give Joey Villase├▒or a lot of credit for withstanding Jacare's ground attack. Jacare also looked gassed in Round 3 - check it out:

For those unaware, Shaolin is a legendary BJJ and a grappling champion. These days, people know him mainly from his career in MMA, fighting primarily in Japanese and UK promotions. He debuted in Strikeforce on Saturday against undefeated Lyle Beerbohm and unfortunately the bout was not televised.

In evaluating the grappling performances of each of these 3 grappling "all stars," we'd say Shaolin exhibited the most dynamic grappling baddassedness in his match (taking nothing away from Roger's submission, which was textbook), despite the fact that he lost a split decision. A classic example of judges not seeing or valuing submission attempts. Round 2 was the most telling (check out the armbar attempt at 3:36):

So, there you have it - a recap of only the important stuff from the DSTRYRsg grappling-centric perspective.


  1. Thanks for the summary, it helps people like me who only dabble in watching the odd bit of MMA

  2. Right on, brother. We run it through our grappling-only filter first.

    There are plenty of other sites out there to see what Alistair Overeen did to what's-his-name ...

  3. I thought Roger's stand-up was surprisingly good.....for this fight at least. He was able to pepper Randleman with the jab to keep him at a distance, which ultimately forced Randleman to close the distance. This was key since it didn't look like Roger was able to close the distance or effectively shoot on Randleman. Roger's stand-up was just good enough so that Randleman pushed the fight into grappling range, which allowed Roger to get the fight to the ground. Other than that, Roger really needs to improve his stand-up if he wants to pursue a legitimate MMA career. He admittiedly only spends 20% of his time training stand-up. In my opinion, he should spend more time sharpening his stand-up game. Otherwise, against a more skilled opponent, he'll never get the fight to the ground....and even worse, may get KO'd.

    Watch out for Jacare. He's noticeably improving. He did gas in the 3rd, but still managed a couple takedowns. His cardio will catch up, as he is a well disciplined fighter. He'll have the belt within the year (you heard it hear first)!

  4. Mr. Carness: Good evaluation, although I think it was mainly about matchmaking magic with Randleman as opponent. He's just not real competitor anymore, but still has cache and looks good. Still, he would have KO'd or otherise Roger if the opportunity had presented itself. Credit to Roger.

    I agree - Jacare did look impressive with his aggresive takedowns and pretty tight stand-up. He just wore himself out I expected him to destroy Villasenor on the ground (which did not happen).

  5. I don't really think Roger has his heart in MMA, I may be wrong though. I think he does it so he can say he did it and to get his family off his back.

    Jacare, on the other hand, needs to pace himself a little bit. I was impressed with his aggression and wrestling, but he should have finished in the 1st round.

    Ahhh, the joys of Monday morning quarterbacking from my computer.


  6. Yep, Roger needs more standup training if he wants to be a serious MMA fighter. I'd like to see how he does against a more viable opponent.

    Jacare was thoroughly impressive. I agree with Carness that he'll be at the top of the Stikeforce heap quickly. He'll be top 5 middleweight in a year or two assuming he follows Jake Shields over to the UFC. Villase├▒or is no easy fight...the guy's got endless heart and a healthy resume.


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