Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, now that Worlds has come and gone, it's time to look at the results of the Poll that's been sitting on the left column of your screen for the past couple of months. 

We asked who among the rising BJJ stars would fare the best at Worlds.  People voted and the results are as follows:

There you have it - JT Torres and Abmar Barbosa got the majority of the votes (22.8% and 21.5, respectively) and Kron Gracie and Kayron Gracie tied for 3rd with 17.7% each.

It's all very interesting because, as we all know, the only gold medalist in the group ended up being heavyweight, Bernardo Faria, who beat Xande in a gnarly final.  Kayron medaled too, with a third place finish in his division.

My analysis and observations? Only that we all love jiu jitsu and the great champs who compete at it's highest level.  These guys are all great and have great futures in BJJ - some had tough breaks (bad calls, bad days) and some had great moments.  Hail to jiu jitz!

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