Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I just couldn't resist sharing this with you all, because it gets to the essence of what we're about here at DSTRYRsg. 

Like many of you, I often fantasize/daydream about choking-out skeletons while wearing a wrestling singlet and surrounded by pit vipers (i.e., snakes).  And now my dreams have become a reality.  The WWF-stylized championship belt is really just icing what is already the ultimate douchebagtarian cake. 

I hope the cut is European.

OK, grappler. I'm normally not one to mock others.  Actually, that's not true at all - but, I do try to keep mockery to a minimum here at DSTRYRsg.  But, it's all in fun and I'm probably just disappointed in myself for not coming up an idea this cool.
So, to any of you currently regaled in this outfit, my apologies for the ridicule.  But, seriously, you deserve it.  And to Xzavier Clothing, who made this badass tee - thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse of submission grappling.

NOTE:  Thanks to Mike R. for the inspiration.


  1. its like Xzavier Clothing raped every clip art collection known to man.

  2. awesome....i want one!!!

    markus remigio

  3. Man...I had to click on the Xzavier Clothing link, and I must say.....I was not disappointed. To think, people actually wear these, and chicks dig 'em. I bet they're huge with the Glendale crowd (if ya know what I mean).

  4. The shirt would be so much cooler if it had some lightening bolts and eagle wings in the mix.
    -Dr. C

  5. Holy shit, I just went on the this shit for real...the names are the best part of it, like my favorite- "truce couture the never ending battle rhinestone-t"
    rhinestones are cool for guys again! yay!
    Dr. C

  6. Hey, if you order one of these they run big so make sure you order one size down. My smedium did not show my guns off nearly to my delight. :(


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