Sunday, August 22, 2010


God love him - Jacare is one of the best there ever was in jiu jitsu, but damnit if he's not outrageously boring as an MMA fighter.  5 Rounds of mediocre boxing/kickboxing sprinkled with some periodic takedowns/takedown attempts.  He won a unanimous decision, but it was really boring - like reading a book or doing dishes. 

Seriously though, he did a good job and he's just not exciting to watch.

The rest of the televised event was pretty exciting.  Rafael Feijao is no joke (at least by Strikeforce standards).  KJ Noons beat up on poor Jorge Gurgal, who got utterly tooled (regardless of the late hit and an illegal knee he suffered).  I'm convinced the eyebrow waxing played a part in his demise.

No jiu jistu to speak of in these fights.  Check out MMA Weekly for the legit play-by-play.

Andre Galvao committed elder abuse against the 37-year old version of  Macaco (Jrge Patino) during the non-televised undercard.  Lot's of good grappling in this fight.  Macaco, who apparently took the fight on 2 weeks notice, gave Andre a run for his money:

Overall, the event was very good - plenty of blood and face smashing.  Let's hope for more ground fighting/submission attempts in upcoming fights (e.g., UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn II).

Oh, and Bobby Lashley getting smoked by a part-time fighter (Chad Riggs) was classic.


  1. When did Jacare get any takedowns? Hmf.

    I admit, I'm biased, because Tim Kennedy trains with us. But still.

  2. Ha! Your'e right Georette.

    Jacare's was the "/takedown attempts" and Kennedy's was the "takedowns" in the post.

    No doubt it was a grueling and tough match for both fighters. But, it just wasn't dynamic. Modern-day MMA = too much conservative fighting.


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