Tuesday, August 31, 2010


From a grappler's perspective, UFC 118 wasn't as flashy or awe inspiring as, say, Fedor-Werdum (Strikeforce, 6/26/10) or Silva-Sonnen (UFC 117), but there was some solid grappling going on.

Some fools got choked out and others, well, just "choked."

The Elite Grapplers Disappointed.
  Unfortunately, the world class grapplers on the card didn't deliver much excitement for me.  Damian Maia dominated his opponent (Maria Miranda) on the ground with a one-sided decision victory.  Technical?  Yes.  Boring? Yes.  I even re-watched this fight to give it a second chance, and I wish I had watched some "Dog Whisperer" reruns instead.  Poor matchmaking pitting BJJ black belts against each other.

I'm putting Kenny Florian in this category as well.  He's no BJ Penn or Damian Maia (based on jiu jitsu pedigree), but he's legit and has many great submission finishes on his record. On Saturday night, however, KenFlo bombed out bigtime with a weak showing against Gray Maynard.  Dana White says Florian "chokes in big fights" - not sure I agree.  Props to Maynard for the victory and props to Florian for the 2 omoplata attempts. Uncommon! 

On the subject of "choking," the Prodigy (BJ Penn) lost a 2nd time to Frankie Edgar.  Hard to tell if he lacked the fighting spirit Saturday night or if he was just game-planned really well by Edgar's camp.  Sad, but look at it as an opportunity for RVCA to make an introspective, tear-jerking ad for which to sell you more t-shirts, like this one: 

Seriously, grappler.  Unless you're 8 years old, you shouldn't be wearing this.  It looks like  BJ Penn Underoos.

Three Chokes Made the Event Worth my $54.95.  For me, the night was redeemed by a trio of sick chokes:

  • Dan Miller's "Ninja Choke."  That's what Joe Rogan called it.  Baret Yoshida calls it a reverse guillotine.  Either way it was the submission of the night and you could have seen it for free on the televised Spike undercard.  I tried it on my teammate last night - painful (for him).

    Here's one of those goofy animated gif-things:
  • Nate Diaz' Guillotine Choke.  Nate pretty much destroyed poor Marcus Davis before slapping on a sickeningly tight guillotine (from a pretty unique angle) that put Davis to sleep.
  • Randy Couture's First Round Arm Triangle.  No surprise here (although his low single-leg takedown was a surprise to me), but, still righteous nonetheless. 

That's about it.  Lot's of choking.

Note:  Joe Lauzon got a nice armbar against a very suspect Gabe Reudiger. Random newcomer, Amilcar Alves also scored an armbar deep in the undercard.

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  1. I love the neck. Am I a bad person? I mean really, I love to choke people.


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