Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grappler, What is McBest in Life?

Yeah, grappler.  It's definitely about crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you (and hearing the lamentation of their women, yes).

But, sometimes, speaking for myself,  it's about being outrageously absurd.  Case in point - this brilliantly stylized DSTRYRsg/McD's kimono (shall we call it the Mc'STRYRsg?):

These are, of course, only available in limited batches (like a Shoyoroll), so stand by your computer, grappler.  Once they're gone, we will destroy the pattern and you will be mocked by other, better dressed, grapplers for your inadequate attire.

All clowning aside, we made this totally idiotic gi design at the request of our buddy, Seymour Yang at, for his Design Your Own Crazy-Ass Gi Challenge, (sponsored by Tatami Fightwear).  Seymour is a purple belt under Roger Gracie (UK), and he runs a great blog (much more legitimate and better written than what we do here).

Needless to say, it doesn't take too much encouragement to get us to make fools of ourselves.  You should enter. But, really, how can you compete with this McMasterpiece? 

According to the rules, if we win, they actually make this abomination.  Too bad this color is not permitted at Worlds.


  1. On the short list of my favorites (along with the Cobra Kai gi featuring extra padding for 'sweep the leg')!

    Lovin the McGi!

    BJJ Weekly

  2. Heee hee I knew the brains at DRSTYR would come up with something funny, original and, dare I say it, quite cool. Come on! Supersize me!

  3. I want one of those.

    No correction, I NEED one of those.

  4. Dude, you've got the best graphic design skills I've seen of any BJJ blogger, so you've definitely got to put them to use and do more than one gi! If only for my entertainment. ;p

  5. Thanks, Can! If I have some time, I would for sure (it's fun). Wish being a BJJ blogger/designer paid the bills!!

  6. this is hands down the raddest gi ever....i think this should be wear-able...made...i would wear it...and i would like to get ronald's shoes 2

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