Monday, October 4, 2010


Who is coward wants to fight with the one who has big name but evaluation?
Only glorious fighter with no fear to get damage!   Love Risk!
Get the big return with the risk!

That's the t-shirt (along with its quotation) Satoru Kitaoka was sporting a few days before his face-off with Kuniyoshi Hironaka at Pancrase Passion Tour Sunday night (JPN time).

You can't make stuff like that up.  That is, not unless you're a Japanese MMA apparel company with little or no knowledge of English grammar (which is totally overrated).  Bottom line is these are words to live by.

Kitaoka scored a 2nd round guillotine submission against Hironaka Sunday night and announced he's leaving Pancrase after 10 years.  Great submission grappling-based fighter (26-10; 14 subs; no KO's).  He may be fighting on NYE at FEG's Dynamite. 

Photos courtesy of GBRING.
Pancrase is about as old school as you can get - from its the days of "open hand strikes" to the face (i.e., slaps) and color-coordinated pro-wrestling shoes & knee-pads and "previously determined outcomes" (i.e., "works").  We, here at DSTRYRsg, were fans back in the day (back when he was Frank Juarez and not Shamrock) and are still down with Pancrase.  Pancrase is badass.

On a side note, we rolled with Kitaoka back in '05.  He gets the DSTRYRsg stamp of approval - good grappler! Couldn't make him tap (nor he me).



  1. Whoa... that picture revealed such.. gritty realism. :)

  2. Kitaoka has the best shirts!

    I would love to have that and his bear ankle lock but shipping the cost is so much.

  3. great picture! i can see half of aoki's head in the back row! what a classic funny
    dr. charlie

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