Friday, October 8, 2010


British things are way cool  (e.g., Zeppelin, Shakespeare, The Stones, Maiden, Triumph/Norton/BSA, Guy Richie movies, Roger Moore, Excalibur, all that Hobbit-related stuff, Ozzy/Sabbath, Bowie, really old castles, Stonehenge, tea-related things, etc.).  Those are just a few things off the top of my head. 

All kidding aside (as if that is possible), our good friend from the UK, Matt Benyon, of Scramble (badass grappling gear/regalia/more) and The Grappling Dummy (equally cool grappling blog), has graciously provided the DSTRYRsg clan with this kick-ass one-on-one (excluding the translator) with DREAM champ and grappler extraordinaire, Shinya Aoki.  It's awesome to see fellow grappler-bloggers like Matt creating high-quality material like this.  Our sport deserves and really needs it in order to grow and develop.

Thanks to Matt for the good work and for sharing.  Looking forward to more intercontinental collaboration in the future, bro!!  Enjoy, grapplers. 

Presented by Manto and Scramble.

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  1. great logo and great interview! thanks dstryr!
    dr. c


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