Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Cyborg handles over matched Hertzog 
The 2010 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds went down this past Sunday and it was business as usual for the black belt elite. No real surprises. In fact, I was more shocked that açaí bowls now cost a whopping $7.00 than by any of the tournament results. Açaí is supposedly just a berry, but I have my doubts, because this stuff is almost as addictive as all those shows about dwarfs on TLC.  And, it really cutting in to my grappling tights/HGH budget.

Check out the complete results here.

Overall, it was a great event with plenty of exciting action and a lot of very sophisticated BJJ at all levels. A couple of constructive talking points  (bordering on complaints):
  1. Too much safe, point/advantage, stall tactic jiu jitsu being played. I noticed this mainly in the black belt adult divisions.  It's understandable that at the highest level, the athletes need to be extremely precise and cautious, but I'd really like to see more submission attempts and strategic risk taking.

  2. The black belt divisions lacked the depth of the Pan Jiu Jits and Mundial.  Although the competition was strong, the divisions were not nearly as stacked as the Mundial (gi).  This is just a fact.  Case in point - the Ultra Heavy final match between Cyborg and David Hertzog. With all respect to Hertzog, he was unfortunately severely outclassed by the super-elite Cyborg (takedown followed by embarrassing submission in a matter of seconds), who revealed his disappointment in the division's level of competition during his post match interview.

    Not to worry, grapplers. The event is still in its early years and will certainly development and get mightier in the future.
A few notable matches and victories:
  • Justin Rader's hard fought gold medal win at Feather (over Carols Holanda).
  • Lucas Lepri's RNC Lightweight Final submission win (over Augusto Mendes).
  • Gilbert Burns' guillotine win for gold at Middle (over very tough Tiago Alves).
  • Pablo Popivitch's domination at Medium Heavy (winning gold handily).
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. battling and winning gold versus Tussa at Heavy.
  •  Luiza Monteiro da Costa's gold medal win over fan favorite, Penny Thomas.

Here are a few pics from the black belt division (courtesy of my Street Sports teammate and friend, John Lamonica.  Thanks again, John):

Mullins vs. Capizzi - Rooster Final
Rader vs. Holanda - Feather Final
Burns vs. Alves - Middle Final

Popovitch vs. Moraes - Medium Heavy Final
Popovitch vs. Moraes - Medium Heavy Final
Lovato Jr. vs. Tussa  - Heavy Final
Cyborg in Action (Match 1)

Penny Thomas in Action


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