Monday, November 1, 2010


Not too clear on this, but apparently there is a "sport" for those grapplers who have forgotten to wear and/or misplaced their kimonos, but still want to compete in jiu jitsu.  I'm skeptical too.  I mean, how do you choke a man if you can't grab his pajama collar??

Grapplers, the 2010 Worlds Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championships is upon us (this Saturday, November 7, 2010) and it should be a pretty badass tournament.  Check out the brackets and get pumped.

We're particularly psyched about the black belt lightweight division, as JT Torres and Lucas Lepri will likely face off yet again.  These dudes have gone at it several times.  Torres notably submitted Lepri at 2010 Brazilian Nationals, while Lepri has gotten the better of JT at both 2009 Pan No-Gi (final) and 2009 World No-Gi (final).  This past 2010 Pan No-Gi, the two champs won separate weight classes (JT - light; Lepri - middle).  The drama!!  The pageantry!!  Actually, no pageantry.  Lots of spandex.

Here's their 2009 Pan No-Gi finals match to peak your interest:

Also, watch out for Baret Yoshida, Caio Terra, Victor Estima, Lucas Leite (note: Leite in same weight class as Estima!) Bruno Bastos and Pablo Popovitch in their respective weight class (and absolute).

This is a must watch, grapplers.  Even if you don't live in Southern California, Budovideos will be broadcasting live, so you have no excuse (unless you don't have $10, in which case, either (a) get a job or (b) ask your mom or little sister).


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say that your blog is awesome. I never comment and mostly just read off my rss feed. I love posts like these!

  2. Alvin:

    A sincere thank you, brother!

    It's awesome to hear these kinds of posts (or any for that matter) resonate well with others, especially since I'm just following my instincts and writing about the things that interest me as a grappler.

    Jiu jitz!!

  3. I will be there at the pyramid enjoying my usual salted pretzel/acai bowl combo.


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