Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, you didn't get that Lego Star Wars set you told your parents and/or wife you "had to have."  Or, maybe someone gave you a sweater or worse, a book!  To make things even worse, your academy is closed all week because your coach is getting some R & R.  We feel for you grappler. So, what to do?

Well, if you're me - then you have the keys to the academy and you are riding the open mat gravy train.  If you aren't (and you're most likely not) and you have no access to mat time, here are a few options to get you through these terrible, jiu jitsu-free holiday times:

WORK ON YOUR STRENGTH.  Hit the gym, or, better yet, dust off those kettlebells you got last Christmas and start swinging.  This is also a good time to start or advance your grip training.  It's all there for you, grappler.  Get strong.

WORK ON YOUR STAMINA.  It's true there is no substitute for time on the mat to improve your cardio for jiu jitz, but running or other cardio blasting exercises are pretty decent substitutes.  You could just jog in place or run in circles in your apartment, but we suggest some of Coach Steve Maxwell's exercises, like this:

WORK ON YOUR MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY.  This is my personal weakness.  Lots to do here, grapplers.  Exercises and workouts abound.  Here's one of my favorite Steve Cotter videos to help motivate you (and me):

WORK ON YOUR GAME.  YouTube is your friend, grappler.  Do some research and expand your knowledge.  Next thing you know, you'll be working over black belts with your Internet-learned tornado guard sweeps and intricate Marcelo Garcia set-ups.  [NOTE:  this will not work, but keep trying.]

SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY/LOVED ONES.  We're just kidding about this one.  Seriously though, go work on that other stuff.  You're family will be around in-between your workouts.


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