Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Grappler:  Does grip strength really matter? And, if so, how often?
DSTRYRsg:  Yes and always.
We've told you this before, but, as your girlfriend/wife/life partner always says, you never listen (maybe that's just my girlfriend). 

Consider this a friendly but firm (unlike your grip) reminder:

The grip is an essential component of the grappler's game, along with his/her flexibility, agility, knowledge/decisiveness, strength, stamina and speed.  We're not advocating using the grip as a crutch, but it's definitely a benefit to have that power at your disposal if/as needed.

So, here's a little incentive, courtesy of DSTRYRsg's favorite grip guru's, Adam Glass.  If you don't know about Adam, then take note.  He's the Slayer of grip strength. 

Note: You may watch the video below without fully appreciating the fact that, if you or I tried this, our arms and/or hands/fingers would likely be removed from our bodies.  So, recognize, grappler!

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