Friday, December 10, 2010


 Grapplers, check out this rather disconcerting tale from this week's headlines:
FRESNO, Calif. ( KTLA) -- A Fresno County teen wrestler is fighting sexual battery charges after he rammed his fingers into the rectum of an opponent.

Buchanan High School wrestler, 17-year-old Preston Hill, tackled a teammate and executed a move called the "butt drag" during a practice match in July, the Fresno Bee is reporting.

The teen is facing trial in Fresno on Thursday. Prosecutors have offered him a deal: stay out of trouble for several months and the case will be dismissed.

But, Hill's lawyer, Stephen Quade, says his client will likely reject the offer because he didn't do anything wrong.

The "butt drag" is a widely-used wrestling move that involves grabbing a rival's butt cheek and putting fingers in the anus to get leverage, the Fresno Bee reported.

A police report states that Hill allegedly stuck his fingers deep into the 14-year-old opponent's rectum, causing pain.
What's a little "butt dragging" between two athletes embraced in the throws of pugilism?  Well, I have to say, I'm all for aggressively seeking the win,  but, personally, I draw the line at anal penetration.  That's just me.  No judgements.

Crazy story.  Not folk/freestyle/collegiate wrestling's finest week.  If we had files, which we don't, we'd definitely file this one under "This Sh*t Just Writes Itself."

And, here's a wonderful "Butt Dragging" HL vid for your viewing pleasure (yes, it already existed on YouTube).


  1. When I was in the army and we used to joke around and wrestle we had a guy who wrestled in high school who did that. The guy who he did it to caused a near riot in our barracks. It took about five of us to hold him back and calm him down enough before he would let it go.

    But I've always heard it referred to as the oil check.

  2. Same here, The_Lazy_Man's_Guide_to_Grappling. In all my years wrestling and training BJJ, I knew it as an oil check.

    But, I never knew it was a legitimate technique. Still doubtful! :)


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