Monday, January 3, 2011


Greetings, grapplers.  We are super psyched to announce that we've joined the newly formed Middle Easy Network!!! 

What is the Middle Easy Network you ask? has banded together 5 other MMA-related sites (namely,,,, and yours truly to create a super badass network.  Basically, from now on, you will be getting nothing done at work and will eventually be living in your BJJ academy or with your parents.  It's perfect!

If you are not familiar with, then maybe you've just been focusing too much on your fledgling competitive eating career and/or model train hobby. Either way, you somehow missed the MiddleEasy boat and now it's time to get on board.

Things are going to change around here too.  We're going to be posting multiple times per day with more exclusive, bigger and better material all on our beloved sport of BJJ and submission grappling (with a smatteirng of judo, collegaite wrestling and other grappling-based sports). To bring you more, we've enlisted the help of a battle savvy veteran grappler - our newest crew member, Dictator.  We welcome him!

So, get ready, grappler.  This is going to be awesome!!!

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