Thursday, January 20, 2011


Evan Dunham sees himself finishing Melvin Guillard during their fight at the upcoming UFC: Fight for the Troops 2 event. I certainly hope that’s the case, as most MMA fans and I loathe decisions. Controversy has followed the judging process in MMA for some time now, and even the qualifications of MMA judges have been called into question due to numerous weird decisions that have left the fans scratching their heads. I love to see decisive victories and defeats and hope for one after Evan’s next fight.

In this video, Dunham gives us a little of his background and his preparation for the upcoming battle. Guillard is a late replacement for and injured Kenny Florian, but the substitution doesn’t seem to bother Dunham. Although not yet a full-fledged star in UFC, he seems to be going places and time will tell if Guillard will pose a significant threat to Dunham’s career.

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