Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As Judo champion Israel Hernandez reminds us in his DVD series, don’t overlook your standing game, or Tachi Waza as it’s known in Japanese.

A big throw can often with the fight. In a street altercation that’s often the case -- dropping your enemy flat onto his head will ruin his day -- and in sport Judo it’s always a given that the big throw will guarantee victory, in accordance with the rules. The Ippon is the most exciting of scores and what everyone wants to see. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players often ignore the importance of this transition into the ground game, but luckily assassins such as Israel are always there to remind us that tossing your opponent is a very satisfying thing indeed.

Israel does this very well by the way. As demonstrated in this video, you don’t want to tie up with him on your feet. You’ll soon end up flat on your back and wondering what happened. I feel sorry for Uke in these vids, the poor guy must’ve had to changed his soiled gi pants after getting the once over from Señor Hernandez during those randori sessions.

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