Monday, January 31, 2011


Grapplers, I should be preaching to the choir when I say Roger Gracie is in the top 5 world's best current BJJ athletes (I personally say he's, hands down, number 1 based on overall dominance and success in recent years).  His style in BJJ and submission grappling is truly a sight top behold - he simply manhandles his opponents, often world class grapplers themselves, with this scary next-level, workmanlike ease.  His style is oppressive.  When he mounts, it's almost incomprehensible how immobilized his opponent appears.  It's awe inspiring to watch (for me Marcelo is the only other that connotes the same sense of awe).

Roger took on Trevor Prangley this past Saturday at Strikeforce and we were fortunate to witness it in person.  Again, in classic Roger Gracie style, he washed over Prangley like a tidal wave ... that ended in a fool getting choked.  Watch the fight, and  you'll get that same feeling you get when you see him compete in BJJ (or ADCC).  He gets Prangley to the ground and proceeds to make poor Prangley his human hand puppet in a matter of seconds (fight ending on RNC with body triangle).

Maybe you feel the need to tell me about Roger's lack of stand-up skills.  To which I say ... jiu jitz!!

Oh, yeah.  Check out Roger (we really want to start calling him "Rog" for some reason) chatting it up with Sherdog folks after the fight.  He confirms he's in for the Worlds and that he doesn't watch a lot of MMA.      

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