Monday, January 3, 2011


Besides great alliteration using the letter "G", Clay Guida’s win over Takanori Gomi at UFC 125 was a great lesson in submission grappling. Primarily known as a striker with a tough chin and perpetual offense on his feet, Guida pulled off one of the most basic concession holds over a veteran fighter and expert grappler. That means of victory was unexpected, although Gomi has been on a losing streak his past few fights.

Old Takanori is no slouch, having big wins in both MMA and sport submission wrestling during his long and illustrious career. Yet, he succumbed to the simplest of moves, the front Guillotine choke, and tapped quickly before there was even a threat of him going unconscious. Surprising to me, but the lesson is this: don’t overlook the basic techniques and raw strength accounts for a lot in the fight game.

While it’s difficult to pull off the arm-in Guillotine on a skilled grappler, loosening him up with aggressive strikes always helps. Guida face kicked Gomi hard earlier in the fight and threw some hits while on the ground. That had to help. But using a basic technique with perfect execution is a key to success in submission, and Guida proved that axiom by sinking in the choke with less than a minute left in round two. Using his extreme upper body strength and raw power, Clay cranked his way to victory with the arm-in front sleeper hold.

Wow. Guida just submitted a man some consider a legend in MMA and sport grappling, a Pride, Shooto and UFC veteran. Congratulations to him but yet another loss for Gomi. We here at DSTRYRsg still have mucho respect for Tak and are curious to see what his next move is. Careers in UFC seem to be rather short these days and it would be a shame to see Gomi cut after this tap out.

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