Monday, January 31, 2011


Photo courtesy of Reggie Biala.  Thanks, Reggie.
Like me, I'm sure you witnessed Ronaldo Souza ("Jacare") rise up in the BJJ world to eventually dominate and crush souls during his tenure (basically 2004 - 2005).  His BJJ style has always been fiercely aggressive, high speed and decisive (no 50/50 guard-play for this dude, ever) and submission-based.  Sometimes it even looks mean ... and we respect that.

Jacare's beaten many of the best both past and present, including Braulio Estima, Marcelo Garcia, Terere, and Roger Gracie - and many by submission (Marcelo and Braulio to name only a couple).*  If you missed his epic battle with Roger Gracie in the 2004 Mundial Open Class Final, then you have some BJJ homework to do (try here and here).  In fact, if any of this is news to you, maybe you should write "I will watch more Jacare highlights" 100 times for good measure.  It's for your own good.  Don't make us call your mom and dad.

We've been seeing Jacare compete in MMA for some time now (he's 14-2 -1) and he's been a work in progress.  Saturday night at Strikeforce, despite getting clocked early in Round 1, he displayed staggeringly wicked jiu jitz on his opponent, Robbie Lawler.  Robbie said in the press conference afterward that he'd become very fatigued as the fight drew on; that that probably contributed to Jacare's dominance.  Still, it was a beautiful thing to behold as he moved from position to submission attempt and back to position with ease.  It was a losing battle for Robbie who succumbed to the RNC in Round 3.

Jacare's got plenty more to accomplish.  Let's see how he does against better and better opponents.

* He's lost to some of those guys too, we know (e.g., Roger, Marcelo).

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