Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The superfight.  It's a term used to describe a one-off match-up between 2  usually big name grapplers as a sort of "main event" for a BJJ or submission grappling tournament.  Is it a real word? No. It's one of those made up words like chillax or fo shiz [words you should never use, grappler].  But, that's ok.

What makes a superfight super?  I don't know exactly.  I've seen a few not-so-super superfights over the years.  I've seen some great ones too (Ryron Gracie vs. Cameron Earle at '05 Gracie Open comes to mind) .  I could probably do a superfight.  But, it would have to be for a tournament held in a children's aikido dojo and/or maybe a friend's garage.  And, that really isn't very super.

Seriously, though (if I can be that for just a moment), the superfight has become a great tradition for BJJ and submission grappling tournaments and for good reason.  It allows competitors and spectators (i.e., your mom and sisters) to watch elite/world-class BJJ/grappling stars collide head-on for the purpose of entertainment and for the love of the art and sport that is BJJ/grappling.  I wish there were more opportunities for fights like these to occur.

Take note of the recent announcement that Kron Gracie will take on JT "Spiderman" Torres in a superfight during the Arizona Open (and IBJJF tournament) held February 26-27, 2011.  Both of these guys are at the top of their game and competing at the highest level in BJJ.

Is that a super superfight, you ask?  Hell yes, grappler.  It is.


  1. JT is a teammate and trains out of our sister school here in Philly. He is a beast. Kron is a beast too. This is going to be sick. War JT!

  2. I was watching that 2009 Kron versus Marcelo match from ADCC. Is Kron's Five Finger Stink Palm to the Face a standard Kron move or just something he saved for Marcelo?


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