Thursday, January 20, 2011


It’s no secret MMA’s popularity has exploded in recent years.  UFC grandmaster Dana White fully expects it to be the world’s most popular sport in the near future.  Yes, 10 years ago MMA was virtually dead, banned from pay-per-view television and relegated to tiny illegal events held in secret locations, but it is now part of mainstream culture.  The sport is everywhere, in video games, movies, magazines and of course television.
A huge part of taking MMA to the masses has involved educating the public about the sport’s development.  It’s no longer the “Vale Tudo” anything goes bloodsport it was once marketed to be.  Instead, these are regulated matches of rules, judges, time limits, yada-yada-yada.  MMA’s promoters and proponents have gone out of their way over the years to let the public know this a civilized affair filled with sportsmanship, camaraderie and (mostly) friendly competition.

Thus far, MMA’s image makeover has worked, and even the uneducated public has taken an interest in the country’s fastest growing sport.  Case in point: you know MMA is popular when it’s featured on a local TV morning talk show.  In Albuquerque, New Mexico no less.

Recently, master trainer Greg Jackson sat down with a Kathy Lee Gifford clone to talk about MMA, his work in the sport as well as the phenomenal success he and his camp has had over the years.  In this interview, Jackson proves that he’s not only a genius fight trainer, he’s also an articulate and patient spokesman for the sport.  A lot of people - like Jackson’s interviewer - still don’t know anything about MMA or martial arts, but the “Yoda of MMA,” as she calls him, lectures her in the fundamentals of MMA 101.  Check it out.  You’ll probably laugh as hard as I did when I first saw this.

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  1. Very cool to hear his support for women's MMA, and especially his statement "I was raised as a feminist." Awesome: thanks for the vids!


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