Saturday, January 8, 2011


You don't have Showtime and/or you were busy last night playing Magic the Gathering tournament with the friends you met on the internet.  That's OK.  We understand.

Last night's Strikeforce Challengers event  featured some pretty entertaining bouts.  We, of course, were most interest in the seeing former Olympic Judo player, Rhadi Ferguson, step up in to the "minor leagues."

We weren't disappointed, as Rhadi was able to submit John Richard, executing a well-timed knee bar (which he switched to a heel hook for a moment or 2) in Round 2 of the fight.  Solid, Rhadi!

I'm not sure if Rhadi has any big plans in MMA.  He's now 3-0 and 35 years old; making a run for a title will be a long, hard journey.  I'm sure as a strength and conditioning coach he'll be an even better resource/asset to his fighter clients given his real life experience fighting MMA professionally.  Either way, DSTRYR/SG is down with Rhadi.    

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