Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm still getting familiar with the phenomenon that is Dustin "Clean" Denes.  I know he's a legit BJJ black belt (and MMA fighter) and coach with ties to Rodrigo Nogueira and a submission over the one only Marcelo Garcia (2000 Brasil Nationals/brown belt absolute).  He's now part of Team Lloyd Irvin. 

Check out the video below featuring Denes and his teammate JT Torres.*  It's looks to be the equivalent of BJJ freestyle/spoken word and is described by Denes as "champion freestyle" with the purpose of motivating and educating "the world on what it takes to become a great Champion." 
Make of this what you will, grappler.  I for one, am feeling pretty motivated.

* JT is a driven young athlete with many great victories and DSTRYR/sg is 100% behind him.  We believe he's going to be a world champion.  2011 could be his year.

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