Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Gi, Dobuk, Kimono -- whatever you want to call it -- is the traditional uniform in countless Asian martial arts.  In its long existence, very few changes have been made to this sacred piece of cloth. 

However, fightwear company, Sprawl, is attempting to move these sexy pajamas into the 21st century by redesigning the traditional kimono design, using their signature flex pants system.

Sprawl’s new Gi-Flex pants incorporate the flexible material found in their fight shorts into the crotches of lower gi wear.  The theory is that the pants won’t loosen and shift during serious rolling activity.  Brilliant idea.

Or is it just a clever marketing ploy?  I suppose it doesn’t matter.  If it can give me any edge on the mat, I’ll take it.
I don’t know about you, but I just love the feeling of spandex in my crotch and can’t wait to try out these nifty new duds.  The thought of immobilizing my opponent in a closed guard vice of spandex and cotton just makes me giggle.  This BJJ player is eagerly awaiting Sprawl’s pants to come on the market and hopes the good people at the company will comp him some spandex gi wear very soon. 

Hint, hint, Sprawl: the Dictator is looking for some free swag from you.  Hit me up, you know where to find me. 


  1. I got these pants about 3 months ago from Valley Fight shop in Woodland Hills. Being that they were my second pair of gi pants, they definitely do the job of staying on. I think it has more to do with the material on the inside of the waist band and the velcro strap they adopted from board shorts...

  2. I just want a pair of gi pants with a fly so I can tinkle without dropping trou'
    Are you listening God?


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