Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Most hardcore martial artists, submission grapplers and BJJ players share many of the same interests besides just fighting.  For some reason, we all seem to hold esoteric passions on the fringes of other subcultures.  For example, you’ll find many the MMA fighter or Jiu-Jitsu player at the punk rock festival, skateboard park or the gun range, as these manly pursuits seem to be right up our alleys of testosterone fueled interest. 

One such pursuit BJJ players seem to share is a love of the waves.  It’s not uncommon to find an entire BJJ gym hitting the surf in So. Cal after a hard session on the mat, and we live by our boards and our gis.  Of course, surfing is like a religion in Brazil, but even the American, Japanese and European BJJ players in this neck of the woods just love to surf.  I suspect it has to do with the challenge, the camaraderie and the love of physical activity.  Either that or we just can’t get enough of seeing half naked dudes getting all sweaty together.

As evidence of this shared love for the seas, BJJ black belt and legend Margarida (no first name necessary)recently held the Black Belt Surf Challenge in Rio.  In November, a group of well known Jiu-Jitsu Faixa Preta gathered to test their mettle on the big waves.  I don’t know how well they did, but these surfers can kick your butt, so I’m sure they also kicked ass on their boards.  Dictator wishes them luck and many more days of healthy surf ahead.  Way to go, Faixa Preta, go out there and shred.


  1. "...we just can’t get enough of seeing half naked dudes getting all sweaty together."

    WTF?!? That sounds WRONG. To be honest, it's the funniest quote I've read in a while. fact or fiction, your homo-affliction is quite humorous. Thanks for the gi-ggles!! =D

  2. Yo DicKTator!

    Or is it Dicktaster???

    If I see you on the mat don't pout if I decline your offer to roll.

    Based on your "hardcore" "esoteric passions" for "half naked dudes getting all sweaty together" I dont wanna be on the receiving end of your "testosterone fueled interest"!!


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  4. Easy there, grapplers.

    Let's not get carried away!


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