Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One thing I've noticed over my now many, many years in BJJ is that our sport lacks the support and infrastructure of major, well funded sports like soccer, football, basketball, and the like.  And, that's OK, we're growing and getting better and better both in terms of technique and organization.

And, because BJJ is so young and is evolving so rapidly, we sometimes lack the ability to properly pay homage and glory to the men and women who've shaped the sport during that evolution.  I often find that  newer grapplers have little or no point of reference regarding the elite grapplers of the earlier era of jiu jitsu.

Case in point - Fernando Augusto Da Silva aka "Tererê."   Tererê is a legend of the sport.  He won gold at Mundial in both 2000 (beating Nino Schembri) and 2003 (beating Marcelo Garcia).  Although he's gone through some hard times in recent years battling depression and drug addiction, he's back on the competitive scene and, more than anything, is due major recognition for his contribution to BJJ.

He was recently interviewed by the one and only Kid Peligro for  Check it out here.
Now, get your Wednesday on with this sweet Tererê HL vid.


  1. As a recovering alcoholic myself with 7 years of sobriety I can honestly say bjj has helped me stay sober and there are many similarities with my sober journey and my bjj journey. Thanks for the post and I wish him all the best.

  2. Great comment, bro. Congrats on your accomplishment - that's a lot of hard work. Great to hear BJJ helped.

    Happy training!

  3. I'd love to have a sexy, strong black man grab ahold of me like that!!

    I love his tenaciousness...

    Don't ever let me go! *swoon*


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