Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Seeriously, we can't.

We're not sure why it is, but Fabricio Werdum is seemingly dominating DSTRYR/sg real estate right now. This is the 3rd Werdum video interview we are posting in the past 2 weeks. 

Maybe it's because he's a brilliant example of a BJJ-based MMA fighter who's actually succeeding right now.  Or, more likely, it's just because he's all other the media these days.  It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I met him this past Saturday at the Kogi taco truck on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA.  And, that's because, while we chatted about BJJ black beltery and our respective academies (his is in Venice, ours is in neighboring Santa Monica), yours truly failed to mention DSTRYR/ 

Here's Werdum  talking about how excited he is to fight Overeem again in the forthcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament:


  1. Kogi trucks are the jam man, anyway Fabricio is is a hella'ova nice guy right? I'm one of Fabricios students there in Venice and new to this site (just stumbled on over from MIddle Easy a few days ago). Just wanted to take a time to thank ya for a cool grapplers site for usss uhhhh grapplers and jits guys and gals to be all grap and jits about ha ,,, if that even makes sense.... What Santa Monica gym are you talking about in the above post? Robot?

  2. Hey, Anonymous:

    Thanks for the kind words. Kogi is pretty dope. And Werdum was a nice dude. This site is basically what I envisioned a grappling/BJJ should look like :)

    I train at Street Sports (31st and Ocean Park) under my coach, Renato Magno. Been training there for 11 years now. Stop by some time - I'm there all the time.

  3. Just figured out how to post with a name, I'm anonymous from the above comment but most people know me as Armando (its my birth given name) or Mondo (BJJ blue belt under Werdum and Lucas Pires, as a matter of fact just earned it a month ago got it directly from the big man himself). ONce again thanx for a cool site for us (grapplers) to visit and kudos on it actually being job well done, its level and cogent very cool. Filled with much knowledge and entertaining stuff .. I'm sure this site is going to grow and do awesome, it is everything a grappling/BJJ site should be. THanx for the invite, I will definitely stop by soon.
    keep up the good work
    Armando O.

  4. Thanks, bro. We're gonna keep working on making DSTRYR/sg better and better.


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