Wednesday, January 12, 2011


posted by Showtime Sports on twitter; an amateur Strikeforce fighter

It's rare that we post something here at DSTRYR/sg that doesn't relate directly to BJJ, submission grappling or other forms of grappling at large (e.g., Sambo, Catch, Shoot, Judo Collegiate and other forms of wrestling).

But, sometimes, we just have to.

As a general rule, you can divide the world's population in to 2 groups: those who choose to shave words and/or logos into their heads and those who don't. Grapplers, we here at DSTRYR/SG fall in the 2nd category. The only 2 exceptions we can think of are a nice "Rickson" (in an approved font) or a portrait of Sakuraba.  And, in either case, it should be reserved for special occasions (e.g., your wedding).

Jiu jitsu.


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