Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just yesterday we extolled the virtues of the lesser known, but highly effective grappling style known at catch wrestling. And, as the grappling gods would have it, not a moment after we put pen to paper, we came upon this terrific video of Erik Paulson and his students demonstrating some of the basics of Erik's catch system.

Erik Paulson is a BJJ black belt and was a student of famous shoot wrestler, Yori Nakamura (and he a student of the legendary pro wrestler, 佐山 聡, Sayama Satoru a/k/a Tiger Mask). He was also fighting in Shooto (Japan) when Shinya Aoki was like 9 years old (don't do the math, just trust me). I guess what I'm saying is Paulson is grappling royalty and this is all super cool, old school meets new school badassery that we, as grapplers, benefit from learning (I'm sure the Dictator could have said that more artfully, but he's a real writer and I'm really just a grappler with a computer).

If you get bored for some reason during the video, be aware that there is a surprise guest grappler appearing toward the end and you don't want to miss that. I won't spoil the fun surprise, but it's Javi Vasquez.


  1. I'm no expert, but it looks like BJJ to me. And now that I think about it, I AM an expert.

  2. pretty sure the so-called "armbar" is unique to Catch, Mr. Bond.

  3. Clock head scissors neckcrank/choke -catch
    stocks using legs-catch
    rolling fig.4 toe hold-catch
    short arm scissors-catch
    armbar variations-catch
    figure 4 legs locks/compression locks with opponents legs bent-catch
    You may see some of this in bjj but it was not originally in bjj. Farmer Burns came out with a catch wrestling home training manual in 1906 that shows these techniques. That is way before BJJ was around. Now days BJJ has been influenced by Catch Wrestling. Rickson and Renzo gracie both have catch in their fighting because of their tiime in Japan.


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