Sunday, January 23, 2011


UFC: Fight for the Troops 2 was, overall,  a great event, complete with a lot of wide shots of tanks and heavy artillery.  As much as we hate being serious here, it was pretty inspiring (and sad) to hear the stories of soldiers dealing with TBI caused by injuries incurred on the battlefield.  Props to UFC for spearheading this cause.

In addition to the Rani Yahya v. Mike Brown fight (which ended in a decision victory for Yahya), we were looking forward to seeing how the unbeaten and unorthodox grappler, Cody McKenzie, would fare against the veteran, Yves Edwards (who has 57 fights to his name and is attempting a comeback in the UFC).

The fight lived up to our expectations, as much grappling was had (mainly in Round 2).  Even though Cody had some solid moments applying his tremendously awkward style against Yves (think bizarre inversions), what really showed was the composure and methodical nature of Yves Edwards.  Cody had Yves' back for much of the 2nd round, but in the end, Edwards managed to escape and get full mount.  He did a little ground 'n pound, which forced Cody to give his back; Edwards capitalized and choked him unconscious with the good ol' RNC (McKenzie didn't tap).  

For good reason, Yves was awarded both Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night.  We're looking forward to seeing who the UFC offers him next.  As for McKenzie, the guy is completely nuts (which we love) and has some great natural skills.  He needs refining if he's going to do anything big in the UFC.

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  1. Yves is every inch the consummate gentleman and fighter. He trains at my academy-- he's disciplined, determined, professional at all times. The caliber of the training he's brought in has been amazing (Malaipet for muay thai, Zachary Lamano and (sheesh memory fails me) another Olympic wrestler to name a few) and he's so generous with his time to us lowly mortals. I am so proud to be even distantly associated with Yves' camp :)


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