Friday, February 4, 2011


Here's a truism for you, grappler.  Orphans are tough motherf@*kers.  I can back that up all day long, but here are a few examples to prove my point:  Mike Tyson, Ken Shamrock (during the good years, the Speedo years), Frank Juarez Shamrock, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and Dave Thomas (the inventor of Wendy's - square burgers are mean).  We're pretty sure there's a way to prove this mathematically, and we're working on it.  For now, just trust us.

The case in point:  welterweight grappler, Carlos Eduardo Rocha aka "Ta Danado," who fights tomorrow night on the UFC 126 main card (versus wrestler/striker, Jake Ellenberger).   He's yet another fighter adopted as a youth by a trainer/coach/fighter (in his case, Brazilian Traditional Jiu Jitsu master, Dárcio Lira).  He's 9-0, with 8 submissions.  This is his 2nd UFC fight; the rest of his fights were in Germany, where he resides.  So, this bout will be very telling.

Bottom line: major grappling chops plus the whole orphan multiplier put Ta Danado over the top.  Look for him to nab a submission victory and becoming glorious. 

DSTRYR/sg is interested in adopting an orphan of our own.  We think we can make a champion.  If you have an orphan or know of one, let us know.  We'll pay top dollar (actually, more like medium dollar).  In the meantime check out one of Carlos's earlier fights in Deutschland. Es ist gut!!

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