Monday, February 28, 2011


Check out another solid breakdown featuring Rener and Ryron Gracie (Tito not present) representing Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy.  This time the brothers walk us through the Jiu Jitsu employed during UFC 127, discussing the nitty gritty details that made significant differences in the outcomes of the fights discussed.
It's like "must see tv"  for any grappler interested in the sport of MMA. 

If you watched Penn v. Fitch, and you train jiu jitz, you had to be impressed with Fitch's ability to escape the clutches of BJ's world class back attack.  I know I was.  It went beyond simple hand control/choke defense.

Without sounding overly enthusiastic, we must admit we love these breakdowns. I'm becoming addicted to watching them.  It's nothing close to my Life Cereal addiction, but it's definitely surpassed my addiction to eating liquid detergent and chalk (or at least watching tv shows about them). 

Watch and get knowledge. 

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  1. Actually, I'm more interested in how Penn got Fitch up off of him. I posted the following on a board I frequent, but it's applicable here:

    First round: Penn gets both legs inside and just kick-shoves Fitch out and away. I like that escape a bunch too.

    Second round, first time Fitch gets Penn down: Penn tries the same kick-shove escape, but Fitch controls the legs and clamps down on the legs to try and grind Penn into the fence/ground. Penn gets his butt out a bit, posts a hand to the side and slithers out of Fitch's control to go into wall-walking mode. This must be what Couture is talking about. Very impressive.

    Second round, second time: Fitch gives Penn space, Penn creates a frame with his left arm and gets up to his knee and then to his feet.

    Third round, first time Fitch gets Penn down: kick-shove escape.

    Third round, second time: wall-walk stand from not especially tight control by Fitch - who angles to take the back standing.

    Third round, third time: Penn pushed down into a bad position, but controls Fitch somewhat. Penn gets butterfly, but doesn't do anything for a while other than switch to open guard. It looks like he briefly sets up a bump sweep, but it's essentially stillborn. He also possibly tries to upkick Fitch in the face, but Fitch recognizes the danger early on and controls the feet. Penn goes back to open guard. At the very end of the round, he somehow goes into an armbar attempt, which Fitch recognizes, and then uses his inside leg to try and muscle Fitch out. Very freaky cool stuff, but Fitch pushes back in and continues the punches.

    I think Penn spent too long folded up during the wall-walking defending the second takedown. If he'd straightened up, it's entirely possible that he doesn't get put into such a bad position - if he gets taken down at all. Penn's not quite strong enough to muscle guys like Fitch and GSP out of the way with one leg. He certainly gets space (see the GSP jailbreak gif for more examples), which is a testament to his natural athleticism and outsized strength, but he doesn't get the big separation moment that he's obviously gunning for. That small bit of space can be utilized because he has insanely dexterous legs, so he should probably go to kick-shove or the shrimping/slithering escapes more often.

    But yeah, the third round beating happened because he was tired and probably not thinking too clearly. A fresher Penn gets up and continues winning that fight.

    Tangent: Penn's first takedown in the second round is flat out ridiculous. It's like his own version of the GSP style "punch until they engage and then shoot for the takedown". There is just about nothing anybody on the planet can do against that.


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