Tuesday, February 1, 2011


original photo: Esther Lin
The bout below from last Saturday's Strikeforce undercard could easily have been decided long before either fighter stepped in to the cage.  One fighter tattooed some sort of extensive thesis across the entire front half of his body.  The other tattooed his name on his belly (of all places) inter-woven with some shamrocks.  We kid, of course.  But seriously, grappler, use the shamrock/belly combo sparingly in your tattoos.

Watch Isaiah Hill capitalize on a stunned Bobby Stack, slapping what I like to call the half-ass triangle (catch intact, but not fully locked-down) on Stack early in Round 1. It didn't appear to be very tight, but Stack must have felt the choke, because he tapped quickly.  To bad Stack didn't listen to his own last name (grappling pun intended).

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  1. that was def half ass. idk how that guy is fighting for a big org like Strikeforce and tapping to weak triangles like that without any resistance.


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