Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ROGER GRACIE'S SHORTS DON'T SAY HANES (or anything else for that matter).

original photo:  Esther Lin
When we at DSTRYR/sg watch Strikeforce, we're usually too focused on the grappling to notice superfluous things like ring girls, bad tattoos, or Frank Shamrock's braces. But we could not help but notice that Roger Gracie was sporting some grossly plain black shorts that mortals like us could get at Walmart for $8.00.

Does he not need the easy cash that would come from wearing Clinch Gear shorts adorned with Tapout and Condom Depot? Did his Clinch Gears not make it through customs? Were they still in the dryer when they called him to the cage?

Or, is wearing plain black Walmart shorts a way to say to the world, "I'm Roger Gracie. I'm here to demonstrate the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu Jitsu by choking fools out. When I'm done choking this fool out, I'm flying back to London because I have to teach the 7pm advanced BJJ class. I'm not here for the money, or the glory, or the hype, or the after parties. I'm here to choke fools out. "

This Roger Gracie is all class, all the time.


  1. On Twitter Renzo said that Roger and co. didn't have time to work that out. Guessing they were dwelling on sponsors (surely there had to be some) and they were not able to work something good out by fight night.

  2. He doesn't seem to wear blinged out gis either. I seem to remember when I trained at Roger Gracie HQ (I'm currently at an affiliate school), Roger pretty much always wore a plain white gi. May have even been a judogi.

  3. Thanks for the link. :)

  4. Slidey, the no-label gi may actually be a brand by the Gracies.
    I could be very wrong on that, though.

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  6. Rani Yahya often wears shorts with no logos too. Maybe they are both sponsored by a secret underground grappling brand that has no label. All it does is support amazing BJJ superstars.

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