Monday, February 21, 2011


Strikeforce Challengers 14, this past Friday night, was a night full of submission fighting and amazing chokes. The fights looked less like MMA and more like ADCC 2011, but we're not complaining especially since two of the subs were a thing of beauty. At one point I even choked on my giant slice of pizza and almost died, then my girlfriend yelled at me to eat slower. But, that's besides the point.

Anyway, out of the five main card fights, 4 went by way of submission, including 2 RNC's, a Triangle, and an Anaconda Choke - all pretty sick may I add. Here's a breakdown of the really good stuff.

Apple v. Larson.
Larson took Apple down a minute and half into round one with a beautiful double leg and controlled the rest of the fight from then on. After some violent GNP, Apple almost escaped full mount, but Larson reigned down more punches. Larson secured a very high mount and then stepped over Apple's right shoulder. Apple tried to escape again but its too late, and Larson sank his left leg across the body and locked the triangle on the right side. Larson rolled over his should and squared up with Apple adding a little bit of head pressure to get the tap. As the ref stepped in to stop the fight, Apple fell face first on the canvas in semi-slumber. Very impressive ground game by Larson drawing comparisons to the Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen fight that was eerily similar.

Prater v. Travers.
After a few jabs from Prater, Travers closed the distance and threw a flurry of wild punches. Prater responded by quickly clinching and establishing over hook and under hook control. He immediately scores an inside leg trip, and lands in side control for a split second. Travers scrambled to his knees, but by the time he does Prater locked in the anaconda choke.

If you look closely you can see Prater never let go of his over-under control. The second it took for Travers to come up to his knees, Prater had the chance to shoot his left arm across Travers neck to the opposite side of his body and lock the choke in with his bicep. Travers defended well by keeping his base wide (thus not allowing Prater the chance to gator roll) but neglected to protect his neck or attempt a sit-out. Prater realized this, sprawled hard and sat through toward the locked side grabbing half guard. This rolled Travers over to his side.  After a few seconds and a check by the ref the fight is stopped and Travers is sleeping peacefully.


  1. Didn't the commentators call Prater's choke for a D'arce choke and they went on about how it was the first time he submitted anyone with a D'arce when it in reality was, as you write, an anaconda choke.

  2. You are correct my friend, and for a hot second I doubted my years of calling it an anaconda. Then I realized I was right. I know being a commentator is not easy but, come on. It's like a car salesman not knowing the difference between automatic and manual.


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