Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As a Jeet Kune Do student, I’ve always followed its principles, striving to “absorb what is useful, disregard that which is useless” and make unique what is my own.  I’ve applied this philosophy to all my training in grappling, kickboxing, weapons and in other areas of my life in general, including writing for the site.  DSTRYRsg has always focused on what works in the martial arts.  Furthermore, we’ve made no secret of our reverence for great teachers, fighters and martial arts masters.  Numerous of my articles have been devoted to the greats in grappling: the Gracies, the Machados, Jigoro Kano, and others in that elite company. 

It’s rare to happen upon a true master of the martial arts who possesses techniques which are lethal and utterly invincible.  But now we’ve done just that with Art Marshall.  Recently, Coach Marshall’s instructional videos were referred to us by Sensei Steven Segal’s rabbi, and when we saw them we were truly amazed.  As we were all reminded of recently, Segal Sensei’s coaching and teaching skills have been proven to be top notch in the MMA world, and Anderson Silva would have easily lost without learning the secret Aiki techniques passed down to him in those secret, grueling workouts at the dojo.  Segal is the man. 

However, I believe Coach Art Marshall’s technique and teaching skill are at that same level, if not greater.  Case in point: this first video shows you some devastating technique that would surely repel and defeat any attempt at a grappling attack, either on the street or in the cage.  Like JKD, it’s simple, direct and effective.  It works. When I saw this clip, I was stunned.  I’m hoping Coach Marshall opens a chain of schools here in L.A. and starts his own association so I can give him all my hard earned money.  This is truly lethal technique, and I can’t wait to try it on my 76 year-old father later today. 

Add this one to your arsenal of moves, it won’t let you down. 


  1. "I was biting backs long before Marv Albert ever did." Bahahahahaha. Nice.

  2. what the eff?
    dr. c

  3. "Im a blackbelt in hapkido, taekwondo, tangsoodo, gerard gordeau"


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