Thursday, February 17, 2011


It’s a sad fact of life that most of us just don’t enjoy our jobs much.  They often suck, and we’d rather be doing something else.  Sometimes the vocation gets to be too much, as it did for these politicians in Korea, and people lash out.  Unfortunately for the suits on this Seoul parliament floor, one of their coworkers happens to be a Judo player and he took this opportunity to test his skills in a real world situation. 

He found out his technique works. 

I’m sure many of us envy him and would like to do the same thing to our coworkers.  However, before you go postal and Tomoe Nage the loudmouth who sits in the cubicle next to you then Tai Otoshi the hot receptionist who rejected you when you asked her on a date, remember there are serious repercussions to such actions.  Don’t do it. 

The Dictator is not encouraging anyone to get physical.  I just thought this was highly entertaining and a great example of Judo’s effectiveness on the street –- or in this case in the government building.  Judo is an excellent martial art for white collar professionals; all your opponents will be wearing suit jackets so it’s easy to grab those lapels. 

I can’t believe this took place during a parliament meeting!  Why don’t they show this kind of stuff on C-SPAN over here?  If they did, I’d watch that channel a lot more. 


  1. That's actually pretty tame for traditional Japanese political discussion.

  2. it's not a Japanese political discussion at all.

  3. When words can't convey how you really feel, a good Yudo throw can do the trick.

  4. They are Korean politicians, not Japanese Tom.

  5. not to mention the clip you posted is from taiwan, tom.


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