Monday, February 7, 2011


Recently, I posted a small article about the vast array of submission holds possible, Erik Paulson and lock flows.  Just today, there is this little instructional in which Erik emphasizes having a handful of moves one can execute at any time.  It’s important to have those “go to” maneuvers, especially when the chips are down against a skilled opponent.  Again, the number of moves in grappling is overwhelming.  Don’t focus on knowing everything and being able to perform nothing.  If you can do just a few moves very well, sometimes that’s all you need. 

Check out these moves from the knees.  BJJ isn’t known for neck cranks and scarf holds, so these may be useful against Jiu Jitsu players.  


  1. Man that was a good lil vid, its going in my vault. I'm always in those positions, now the moves and always forget to go to those. I def am gonna watch this once a day for a while until they become as bread and butter as my sweeps, triangles and arm bars.
    Every time I have committed to an anaconda or a 270 they have not let me down and against some solid guys...def watching MAS times


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