Sunday, March 6, 2011


Andy Roberts is a Brown Belt under Roger Gracie.  In my book, that is not only an honor, but it may be more magical than a Pegasus. The amount of grappling knowledge contained within that one man cannot be described in words (if it can, it would take a lot of words). I would even pay actual cash money just to be within 10-20 feet of Roger, hoping to absorb some of his Jiu Jitsu aura.

Andy breaks down the basic omoplata sweep in this solid video (part of a series from Black Eagle Martial Arts Equipment). The technique is not only shot spectacularly, it's shown at different speeds which allow you to pick up all the subtle details of the sweep.

This sweep is usually employed first before going to the hip bump sweep we showed you last week. Watch and take notes grapplers.


  1. Lots of promotions last weekend: Roger was clearly doing the rounds. Cesar Lima and Andy both got their black belts, and lots of new belts where I train too. Fortunately the RGA Bucks seminar didn't involve a lot of cash money, just a £10 donation to a charity in Brazil dealing with the floods. :)

  2. Im pretty sure it said he was a brown belt in the video... i could be wrong though

  3. You're right. Our bad. Bad DEMOLISHER.

  4. Like I said, Andy got his black belt at the weekend: he was promoted two days ago. I was at another seminar with Roger the day after, because the place I train is part of the Roger Gracie organisation.

    So, DEMOLISHER is correct as of now, though Andy obviously made the video before this weekend, so he would have been a brown belt at the time.


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