Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We all train BJJ for different  reasons.  For me, it's mostly been about the sport and competition.  I also like açaí bowls ... a lot.  

But, another amazing thing about BJJ is the team aspect and the overall sense of family and camaraderie.  I've never quite figured it out, but something about our sport builds bonds often as strong as those of our real families.  Over time, every academy likewise  develops it's own customs and unique culture. 

Watching this video brings a smile to my face.  We don't run a gauntlet at my academy, but some of my teammates do at theirs.

It's a beautiful thing.


  1. ha ha ha thats my academy ;) Im glad they didnt film when I received my purple belt... I literaly had tears in my eyes ;) if you're in Warsaw come and check out Copacabana FC we're a Braulio Estima affiliate!/COPACABANATEAM?sk=info

  2. Very cool, Sawosz. Kam from is my connection to cool Polish grappling/mma.

    Great video. Looks painful!

  3. I feel fortunate that all I got with my blue and purple belts is a round of applause and a handshake. To each their own, although personally I'm not fond of gauntlets (hence why I wrote this).

    However, I used to love Gauntlet on my old Spectrum +3: I could definitely get behind playing that as part of promotions. :D

  4. This Gauntlet is pathetic. I had to run through a line of two people whipping me with no gi top on when I got my blue belt.

  5. If it is important to you that a gauntlet causes lots of pain, go train at Godoi. Personally, I'd rather not get drop-kicked in the chest, but to each their own.

  6. its not important but its getting posted and people are saying how painful it looks but it seems pretty weak to me


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