Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The closest I ever got to training with André Galvão was when he ref'd my purple belt Pan Am division  back in '04 (he was a brown belt then).  I won a bronze medal and he went on to become a black belt Mundial champion and fought in DREAM and Strikeforce.  So, we're both pretty much living the BJJ dream life.

All self deprecation aside, DSTRYR/SG is a huge supporter of Galvao and his BJJ style.  Unlike so many of his peers who willingly accept (or worse, seek) wins by advantage, Galvao is an intensely aggressive competitor who goes for submissions.  Our very own SGCrshr sat down with him to talk about his life and career in BJJ.


  1. I'm really impressed by his achievements and how straightforwards he tells it. There's probably a whole book in there if he expanded on things, but one can still pick up things in there.

    Things like "3 a days with Terere and a private to boot really help your jits progress"...

    Hope he gets back into high level MMA at some point soon. He was really doing well until that Woodley fight. Just needs to get back on the saddle and school some fools.

  2. Yeah, hes an incredible dude with an emense amount of knowledge. The cool thing about him is that he is incredibly modest and really open to talk to anyone.


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